What Is A Vehicle Protection Plan?

Often incorrectly referred to as “Extended Auto Warranties”, a Vehicle Protection Plan is designed to protect you against unexpected repair bills.

A Vehicle Protection Plan isn’t a warranty—its better!

How is a Vehicle Protection Plan BETTER than an Extended Warranty?

An Extended Auto Warranty can only be offered by a manufacturer and often times has numerous restrictions, limits, and usually only covers the powertrain of the vehicle.

A Vehicle Protection Plan usually covers the same if not more than an Extended Auto Warranty and is offered through a third party administrator, who is in turn insured by an insurance company through a Contractual
Liability Insurance Policy (CLIP). This CLIP protects our customers in the unlikely event that the third party administrator would go out of business or stop paying claims, the insurance company would immediately step in and
pay the claims.

Many Extended Auto Warranties are not insured, so if a manufacturer is sold or goes out of business, claims might not get paid!

(such as in the recent case of SAAB, where thousands of customers’ warranties became worthless due to their bankruptcy)


What are the benefits of a Vehicle Protection Plan?

Vehicle Protection Plans do not place a restriction on where you can use your policy.

All of our protection plans can be used at:

  • ASE certified mechanics
  • ASE certified repair facilities
  • Dealerships in the United States or Canada

Extended Auto Warranties can usually only be used at the dealership where the vehicle was purchased.


What will a Vehicle Protection Plan cost?

Some manufacturer warranties are “reimbursement policies” where you have to pay for the repair first, and then wait to be reimbursed. Our plans all pay over the phone directly with a corporate credit card—so all you have to pay
is your deductible (and we even offer $0 deductible plans).

Unlike an extended warranty, all of our plans can be customized to any vehicle, year, make, or model—whether you have 10 miles on your odometer all the way up to 200,000 miles. Many warranties are either financed
into the cost of your car loan and charge you interest, or you are required to pay in full at the time you purchase the warranty.

All of our Vehicle Protection Plans are offered with no-fee payment plans from 6 to 24 months— allowing the plans to fit within any budget.