We make finding the right extended auto warranty plan easier than its ever been.

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Whether you’re just checking in to receive a quote for your vehicle, or looking to start coverage on an extended vehicle service contract, we believe all customers have the right to:


We Hand Select the Best Plans for Our Customers: Our CEO and Executive Team truly care about our customers, and thus the products we are offering to our customers. Before we sign up with an administrator, or develop a program through our own administrator, we put our customers’ needs first. Every administrator and insurance company we do business with is carefully screened to ensure that they are financially stable and, most importantly, pay their claims.


Our customer service professionals go the extra mile for every customer to do everything we can to make our customers happy. At The Vehicle Coalition, we believe in doing things differently—and that includes having the best possible customer service around. Being nice when you call in for a question is something we pride ourselves on, but more importantly, our customer service team will do everything we can when you really need us—in the event of a breakdown. Our staff is trained to do everything they can to help assist customers—from helping them with roadside to assisting them with claims, it is our mission to serve our customers and leave them better off than they found us.


While many of our competitors have horrible reputations, “F” ratings with their Better Business Bureaus, and numerous entries on web sites such as ripoffreport.com, at The Vehicle Coalition we pride ourselves on having an excellent reputation.

Why Us

Keeping your vehicle running is important. Unfortunately, the current way of buying an extended service contract turns what should be a straightforward process into a complex, time-consuming, and expensive one.

We wanted to change that, so we did!. We make finding the right extended service plan easier than its ever been. The marketplace is full of companies that try their best to save money by making claims more difficult for their customers. That’s not the case with The Vehicle Coalition.